Legal details

Taxation GmbH
Tax consultants company

Rheinallee 140
D-40545 Düsseldorf

Phone:  +49(0) 211 55 98 80
Fax:        +49(0)211 55 98 855

Member of the Chamber for Tax Consultants, Grafenberger Allee 88, 40237 Düsseldorf. The Chamber of Tax Consultants can act as arbitraiter in disputes between member of profession and clients and provides information in this regard. Occupation liability insurance is provided by HDI/Gerling, Postfach 10 24 64, 50464 Köln. Occupation liability insurance for work as tax consultants

Geographic application (AVB WSR 558):

1. Germany

2. European foreign countries, Turkey and the countries of the former Sovjet Union including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Insured are:

(1) These claims before courts in these countries

(2) Liability claim from breaking  the law in these countries

3. Worldwide to the amount of the statutory minumum insurance sum for insurance claims from breaches of foreign law, when they arose in the  contacts of professional assistance in tax matters relating to the tax law of the country in question and when the order is subject to German law.

4. The insurance protection does not cover liability claim arising from activities performed through branches or other consulting officers outside Germany.

The ceo are:
Peter Bünger (Tax consultant)
Kathrin Maierhofer (Tax consultant)
Susann Kniep (Tax consultant)

The legal professional title “Tax consultant” was acquired in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Information acc. to the “Telemediengesetz”:

All our tax consultants are members of the Chamber of Tax Consultants in Düsseldorf, they are operating acc. to the law for tax consultants. The profession “tax consultant” is subject to the following professional regulations

a) law for consultants
b) implementation of the law for consultants (DVSTB)
c) professional code for tax consultants (BOSTB)
d) Compensation ordinance (STBVV)
e) Federal code for lawyers (BRAG)
f) Compensation ordinance for lawyers (RVG)

These regulations can be viewed online under:

The legal professional title tax consultant wa acquired in Germany (Federal state NRW, Düsseldorf)

The company has the VAT identification number DE 119268286 – Commercial Register HRB 26722 – district court Düsseldorf

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