Payroll accounting

Ever feel confused? The law on wage tax and social insurance has many traps. Why not concentrate on what you do best and simply leave the bookkeeping for your staff up to us. This will allow you to focus on your actual operations. We relieve you of these onerous tasks and you can profit from our wide-ranging experience and core competance.

After all, numbers are our world. We care for your entire payroll accounting; you can decide whether you wish to have a full or a part service. We do not only look after the monthly wage and salary accounts, but also report wage tax to the local tax authorities and make all necessary social security registration.

We are experts not only in figures but also in social insurance law. We recommend that you leave these complex issues to the experts. Your data are always treated strictly confidential.

We can of course also support you in external audits for wage tax and matters relating to the employers association, etc.